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Leading and Learning: WE OVER ME

“Coach, why aren’t you giving me more playing time? I’m the best player on this team.” To this, Wooden replied, “You’re right, you are the best player on this team; but, we are not the best team when you are playing.”

The team was more important than the individual.

Leaders encourage problem-solving. When problems arise, leaders who understand teamwork encourage their teams to solve them. Rather than attempt to always provide the answers, leaders encourage those they serve to find the answers and to deal with the issues themselves. When this happens, the problem not only gets solved quicker but leadership capacity is built within individuals, which helps them to further contribute to the team mentality.

Be a Cardinal; Change Lives; Put a Mission into Motion

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Cardinal Recognitions:

Thank you to:

  • the Athletic Department for hosting another round of college signings on Thursday.
  • our custodial staff for supporting the Elementary Music Festival and our PE department for adjusting and adapting to give up their gym space for a couple of days.
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Grateful Friday Challenge

Week 30: Grateful Friday Challenge

This is not a drill. This is it…. Finally, the day that seemed like it should have come last week is finally here… It's the FRIDAY before SPRING BREAK! In just a few short class periods-- we will be heading out the door for a much needed and deserved break. We have each been looking forward to this day- since the end of Winter Break? MLK Day? President’s Day? The Second Monday of the year? Today we are wrapping up lessons, thinking through logistics, praying that the next few hours go quickly and smoothly, and hoping that the next two weeks after that don’t speed by.

When we get back in April it will be a flurry of activity and a short sprint to the end of the year. We know that the kids are excited for the next few weeks- but they can’t possibly need this break more than we do. Right?!?!

Today is a day to celebrate breaks. What memory do you have from your favorite spring break as a high school student? College student? What about as a teacher? Where are you going? What are you most excited about seeing or doing in the next few weeks? Share your plans (again) with your friends and colleagues, or share funny memories from spring breaks past. Take a moment today to take a deep breath and enjoy the chaos of the day - you will not have another opportunity to live this life for two full weeks…try not to be too bummed.

If you have a few minutes- look up songs from your Senior Year Spring Break… maybe play a few during work time for the kids? It will bring back some smiles for you and some potential laughs for the students. (For those who want to throw it back to 1998 with me. Here is some Barenaked Ladies One Week.)

See you in Two….

With banners flying as we go! #FlyAsONE

180 Days of Learning -- #CardsLearn

Hope you enjoy this weeks 180 Days of Learning Posts

Paul Toler

Mr. Toler's Algebra students are beginning to learn to factor. Students began with working to factor a trinomial into two binomials that were multiplied together. Students learned a system that could help them take the trinomial back to two binomials. Students practiced the process together and then had time to continue to develop their understanding of the procedure as the class went on.

David Luers

Mr. Luer's Ethnic Studies class participated in a gallery walk in the IMC while working on claims related to different stances on immigration. Students looked at multiple different issues with immigration from a book they read in class. Students circulated and added evidence from the book to support or refute the statement. Students can then use these claims as a resource as they write a paper based around selected topics from the gallery walk.

LAMP Program at SHS

The LAMP program targeted at supporting our Latinx students at SHS brought 8th grade students to SHS to visit with their student mentors. These students participated in a variety of activities during their visit, took a tour of the school, and ate lunch in the cafeteria. The goal is the help these students make a positive transition to the high school next school year.

Lauren Baker

Mrs. Baker's Advanced Nutrition students' Food Truck Project took place this week. Students created their own business model and plan for a food truck with a menu of food items. Mrs. Jordan provided guests to the Food Trucks with 'money' to spend at each Food Truck station. Guests were able to move around the room, hear each student pitch for their business, and try a wide variety of excellent food.

Educational Humor

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