The Lions Of Little Rock

Kristin Levine

Lions, Elephants, and Monkeys

The Lions of Little Rock, by Kristin Levine, is a historical fiction novel about two girls who have so many similarities but so many difference they don’t know about. Marlee and Liz have only known each other for a little period of time being from the beginning of school, but Liz shows Marlee how to talk and not be scared to say and do what she wants to.

The main conflict of the story is the battles between segregation supporters and integration supporters. Marlee’s mom at first does not want schools to be integrated, but Marlee’s dad does. Liz, her family and friends all want integration in the schools because they feel that segregation is not fair and they don’t want to be treated the way they are being. Red does not want integration because he does not think that blacks and white are equal. JT doesn’t know whether he wants integration or segregation; but doesn’t want to disappoint Marlee but he also doesn’t want to be hurt by his brother. Marlee’s mom eventually realizes that integration is right and she joins the organization WEC which Marlee already belonged to. The WEC is an organization battling for integration in public high schools and STOP their rival organization is campaigning for segregation.

The main characters in this book are Marlee, Liz, Marlee’s parents and siblings, JT, and Red. Marlee faces the conflict of not being able to see her best friend or sister because people are against integration. Liz is facing the challenge of being treated bad. Like not being able to do things or go places that whites were allowed to. Marlee’s parents and siblings argue with about whether integration is something they are supporting, or not. Red is completely against integration and faces the challenge of the world changing and everyone being equal when he doesn’t think everyone should be. JT is scared of his brother hurting him if he finds out that JT supports integration; although, he doesn’t want to disappoint Marlee because he likes her.

The Lions Of Little Rock teaches you about friendship and honesty. The climax of this story is when all the battling about integration and segregation get the most intense. Red bombed where Liz was. Also the campaigning for integration and segregation start to get very competitive, people start to question what to do. The falling action happens when the WEC beats STOP and there is integration in Little Rock school. Also, people aren’t allowed to treat blacks the same way they; although the unfair treatment didn’t fully end then.

Story's Place and Time

  1. Jan. 25 1950- The Korean War started when North Korea backed up the soviet weaponry and invaded South Korea.

  1. Sep. 1 1951- The United States, Australia, and New Zealand sign a security pact named he ANZUS treaty. They signed this treaty because

  1. April 8 1952 President Truman authorized stops the US steel mills to try to prevent a strike but he’s overruled by the Supreme court on June 2nd

  1. The first large scale vaccination of children against polio happened in Pittsburgh, PA. (Feb. 23 1953)

  1. The US agreed to train Vietnamese troops.(Feb. 12 1955)

What Makes a Bestfriend?

Liz shows throughout the book she is a loyal friend. In the beginning of the book she shows she a loyal friend when she also shows up to their “meet ups” at the zoo. The main part of the book where she shows she is a loyal friend is when she is looking for the area that Marlee and Judy called the “rock crusher.” Despite her getting lost she didn’t give up when she got lost. She was determined to find her friend. In the book on page 113.
“The Rock Crusher” Liz says,
“Finally!” said Liz, stepping into the clearing. “I’ve been wandering around for twenty minutes trying to find you.” This shows that she was determined to find her friend and not give up as soon as it became too difficult. And these actions that Liz displays make the reader think she is a loyal friend.