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For the Week of November 11-15, 2019


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6th Grade AVID 101

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7th Grade AVID

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8th grade AVID

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You can access the band newsletter by clicking HERE.


EXPL Careers

6th Grade

The students will be doing research on their career interest. Last week the students took a survey, answering questions on which career path is geared more toward them. On Monday they will see the results of their survey, and they will have the opportunity to start doing some research on a career path.


7th & 8th Grade

The students will be continuing their new unit on Entrepreneurship. The students are working in small groups, developing a product they are going to produce, market, and sell. Each group is gathering information on how business are started, and all the details surrounding the day-to-day operations of being your own boss.Add Text


6th Grade

Innovators and Makers

App Creators


Below is the link to the ELL Smore.



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Foreign Language

6th grade will have their Spanish number quiz and begin learning French greetings.

7th & 8th Spanish will be working on their recipe pages and we will have our food day on Friday November 15. If a student does not bring their food on that day they will need to do the alternate assignment.

Technology (Robtoics, STEM and Design and Modeling)

Design and modeling- This week students finished their isometric and multi view drawings quiz. On Wednesday we went over measuring and played a measuring game. On Thursday students used what they have learned in measuring and stated creating an air skimmer. They continued this on Friday and we will be testing them next week to see who can create the best skimmer.

STEM- Students continued working on their towers through Wednesday. We tested their towers on Thursday to see who engineered the strongest tower in class. Ask your student how much weight their tower held. On Friday students learned about our next project which is creating a dragster.

Robotics- Students continued working on their dragster along with learning the program for our dragsters to they could race their creation down the hallway.

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Math Strategies

8th Grade Math Strategies

In eighth grade Math Strategies, we will continue with linear relationships and slope.

7th Grade Math Strategies

Students will continue integer operations. We will focus on subtraction.

6th Grade Math Strategies

We will be working with fractions, decimals, and percents and converting between them.


6th-8th Multimedia

6th Multimedia - Students have been working on getting familiar with the Scratch website that we are going to use for our next 2 coding projects. We did start our Animation Project in Scratch that will be due on November 15th. Ask your student to show you what they have started to create. They should be able to log in at home to share that with you!

7th & 8th Multimedia - Students this week have been finishing up their Google SketchUp housing design. Today (Friday the 8th) was their last day to work on it in class. If they need to work on it from home to finish they will need to use the link in Schoology to work in the online version. Next week I will explain how they will record their video tour of their housing design. Then on Wednesday of next week we will start working with Scratch.mit.edu which is a site where they will be coding for the next 2 projects we have coming up.

Please make sure your student will have their own earbuds/headphones available to use daily in my class.


Tests, tests and more tests

Orchestra playing tests went really well for some. Some could use a little home encouragement. Why not ask your daughter or son to play the test songs for you?

Physical Education / Strength & Conditioning

Slam Ball

Slam ball is a handball style game created by a PE teacher using a small ball and table. On the 3rd day of the unit each class had a competition and the top 3 students from each class played in a tournament of champions during WINN. Ja'Twaan W. (7th) was the champion!
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Reading Strategies


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JCMS Library Media Center

Link to JCMS Library Media Center Smore's newsletter


Vocal Music

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