Digital Footprint

Melvin Mix

Digital Footprint

What is a digital footprint & why is it important?

  • Your social history online
  • It may affect your future
  • It may set your reputation

What does my digital footprint consist of? How does it impact my digital footprint?

  • I use Facebook, snapchat and twitter
  • These all represent who I am
  • They express my social identity
  • There is also my social history that is left behind

What impact does/can my footprint have on my future?

  • It may prevent me from obtaining certain careers
  • It could possibly set my reputation for the future
  • Your school can notice your online activities and possibly preventing you from your future goals
  • It may also create a positive image for yourself
  • It may boost your reputation in a positive way
What can I do to improve my digital online identity?

  • Show more maturity online
  • Do not express anything that may affect me
  • Express things that I think may affect me positively
The most important thing I've this semester

  • To always be mature with my actions
  • To always think about your future
  • To think about the impacts may be