William Tennent Update

February 2023

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Hello, William Tennent Families.

There is excitement in the air at William Tennent High School as we move into February! We enjoyed a wonderful Miss Panther event and Winter Ball recently. Congratulations, again, to Emily Hildenbrand! Our students and staff are eagerly looking forward to Black and White at the end of this month! Signup sheets for events are posted outside of our cafeteria. We are also excited to celebrate our boys basketball team who are the Freedom Division Champions for the first time since the 2003-04 season. We wish them luck as they move into the playoffs!

I would like to thank Mr. Carracappa, our WT school counselors, and our English teachers for all of their hard work through our course selection process. Students who were not present to meet with their counselors during English classes should send an email to make an appointment to see their counselors and enter their elective choices as soon as possible.

This month we also celebrate Black History Month, and are grateful to our student group, Voices for Change, for providing us with positive activities, acts of service, and information that reminds us of the important contributions of all of us and makes WTHS a better, more inclusive place.

February 17, 2023 is Random Acts of Kindness Day and WTHS will celebrate Kindness Week, February 13-16. This year, we will focus on the kindness concepts of caring, integrity, respect, and courage. I see examples of this from our students each day, toward each other, our staff, and me. This is a great way to remind our students what an important positive impact they have on themselves and others, and we encourage them to continue to ask themselves:

What have you done today to make yourself better?

To make life better for someone else?

To make life better at Tennent?

Please be sure to check out our daily announcements which are linked to the Tennent webpage, and keep an eye out for eAlerts with more information about events.

As always, thank you for your support for William Tennent High School.

Take care and be well,

Dr. Henrich

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Miss Panther 2023

William Tennent High School was excited to host our annual Miss Panther competition on Thursday, January 26, in the WTHS auditorium. The event was hosted by seniors Lindsay Goldberg and Olivia Leitrim. This year's senior candidates were B Cohen, Gigi Demito, Emily Hildenbrand, Delaney Lockett, Diya Parekh, Erin Somerville, Jordyn Staub, and Emma Torok. Candidates were awarded the following honors for their excellence in individual areas:

Winner of Academic Competition: Erin Somerville

Winner of Athletic Competition: Gigi DeMito

Winner of Walkdown Competition: Emily Hildenbrand

Winner of Interview Competition: Diya Parekh

Winner of Video Competition: Emily Hildenbrand

Winner of Talent Competition: Emily Hildenbrand

Audience Favorite Winner: Delaney Lockett

Winner of Charisma Competition: Emily Hildenbrand

Congratulations to Emily Hildenbrand, Miss Panther 2023!

Miss Panther 2023 Highlights
Students and staff kicked off Black History Month by wearing all black for Blackout Thursday. Thank you to the Voices for Change Club for organizing spirit days and informational videos to celebrate Black History Month.
Black History Month

Winter Ball 2023

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Glass Stomach

by Amber Persad, Class of 2025

They only want you if you look impossible.

I look in the mirror, everything about me is possible.

My shoulders, my hips,

My stomach, my lips.

My thighs, my arms.

My back, my eyes,

Am I more than just my size?

If you look at me, what do you see?

You'd be wrong if you said I was happy.

Too this, too that,

Too small too, fat.

Am I more than just my body?

The mirror degrades me just by looking at it,

Why won't these jeans fit?

̈You aren't attractive ̈ the mirror tells me.

̈All they see is your body.

Your shoulders, your hips,

Your stomach, your lips.

Your thighs, your arms.

Your back, your eyes,

You are nothing but your size. ̈

This skirt is too short, these pants are too small,

I suck in as hard as I can and tears fall.

Calming Storms

by Jessica Whisler, Class of 2024

Last night I lay in my bed

I hear the pitter of the rain on my window

As I listen to music I get up

Looking out the window at the beautiful storm

I watched lightning dance across the sky

Seeing the calming storm everything falls into place

I watch as if there is no tomorrow

When it ends and a rainbow flashes across the sky

I realize everything is going to be alright.

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February Artist of the Month
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Emma Torok, 12th Grade, Swim

Athlete of the Month February-2

Anjaleen Siddiqui, 11th Grade, Wrestling

Athlete of the Month February-1
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Mr. Jerry Albrecht, Business Department

February Teacher Feature

Upcoming Events

All Schools Closed/In-Service Day

February 17

All Schools Closed/Presidents' Day

February 20

Black and White Events

Wednesday, February 22 -Academic Night

Thursday, February 23 - Pool Night

Friday, February 24 -Gym Night

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