South Carolina

Rice crispy speak to me

The Sticky White Hero

Is it a bird, a horse, a runaway slave, no it's the sticky white hero. It fills the bellies, nourishes our bodies, and even gives you energy. Rice saved the South Carolinians from colonial hunger.
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Settle here... All the malaria is gone

We settled here in South Carolina in hopes to experience the popularity of tobacco unfortunately South Carolina couldn't grow any. Rice, however grew very well here because the ground stayed wet. However, rice fields brought many problems such as mosquitos which transmitted malaria. We used netting and burning candles to try and stay healthy. We tried to grow other things such as silk, but no luck. It wasn't until Eliza Lucas came and grew the plants on her own plantation first, once we seen it worked she help everyone who needed it. Rice maintained the position of the most profitable cash crop in South Carolina with Indigo being second.
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