Holiday Party

Made By- Ryan Ingram

Pizza Palace

  • Equation = (5.50x) / 8 = t
  • 5.50 = cost of pizza
  • x = number of students
  • t = total cost

Burger Bonanza

  • Equation = 1x = c
  • 1 = cost of burger
  • x = number of burgers
  • c= total cost

Critical Thinking

  1. To solve each row of the table, I was thinking how I would solve it realistically, like how much each pizza would cost and that every kid wouldn't eat one whole box of pizza.
  2. They intersect when there are 2 pizzas, and 11 burgers. So that means 11 burgers have the same price as two pizzas.
  3. They compare to order of operations because I followed the exact steps of PEMDAS.
  4. If we had a budget of 1000 dollars we could get 592 kids 1 slice of pizza and 1 burger for the blowout.

Spin City

  • 200x = t
  • 200 = money per hour for DJ
  • x = number of hours
  • t = total cost

Classic Spin

  • 300x = t
  • 300 = money per hour for DJ
  • x = number of hours
  • t = total cost

Turn Up The Bass

1. As I did with the food, I looked online for realistic prices for DJ's and put them in my equations.

2. They will both cost 600 dollars at the same time- Spin City's 3rd hour and classic spin's second.

3. I used order of operations in this by using it in my equations and just plugging in the equation with it.

4. The maximum hours would be 5 for Spin City and 3.5 for Classic Spin. You are able to use a decimal in this because the party might go 30 minutes after a certain hour maybe.