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Last Week of School... We Made It!

Contact Information!!!

Whitney Nelson

Imogene Gideon Elementary School

4th Grade Teacher

A little note from me as the year comes to an end....

It is hard to believe the end of the year is upon us already! This year has just flown by. As I think about my upcoming summer, I am filled with excitement along with the kiddos as I think about all the fun things I will be able to do with mine. At the same time, I am filled with sadness to say goodbye to a wonderful group of students I am proud to say were "mine" if only for a short time. Each and every one of your babies has left a lasting impact on me. As I have more and more years of teaching compile on my resume, I still continue to hold each and every child I have been blessed enough to have close to my heart.

This past weekend I was at a MISD function with my daughter. From across the room I heard, "Mrs. Nelson!!". As you can imagine, this is not an uncommon thing for me to hear when out and about in Mansfield. Nothing however could have prepared me for what I would see when I turned around. I saw a former student of mine, from my early years of teaching. Now, that doesn't seem so amazing when said that way, but this student was something different. This student tried my patience daily, made me grow a few gray hairs, and at times even brought some tears to my eyes. When I looked into his eyes this weekend, I had tears again. Not because of the before mentioned things, but for what he taught me. He taught me how to love each and every student, no matter how crazy they made me. He taught me that EVERY child had the potential for greatness firsthand, not just from a book or school. He taught me that sometimes I, a teacher, was the only light a student was able to see each day. To see him elated to see me, jump over a table to give me hug, remember my child (my son who wasn't with me) by name, display the upmost respect and maturity, and to thank ME, was humbling. I am pretty sure Addison (my daughter) thought he must have hurt me in some way because I cried, and he did as well. When she is older, I look forward to sharing that memory with her and letting her know what it meant to me. To look into the eyes of a former student and have them tell you that you were the teacher they still think of years and years later, is the highest form of a compliment a person can receive in my book.

Now, that story wasn't to make you cry or to be random. It was to share with you that your child will also leave a memory with me that I won't ever forget. I can't tell you how amazing this year has been. I have LOVED this class and the joy they bring to me daily. This summer, enjoy your family and remember to let you "babies" be babies just a little longer. As the eagerly await next year.... intermediate school.... remember this time is precious and savor every minute. My son will be starting kindergarten next year, I still can't believe I am saying that.

Please allow your kiddos to keep in touch via e-mail if they would like, I love talking to my former students and keeping track of all the amazing things they accomplish (and they ALL will accomplish amazing things). Remind them, and remember yourselves, I am always here. I don't get to be their teacher forever, but they can always come to me! You wouldn't believe some of the schoolwork my former kiddos ask for help on. :) I will be honest, if they have questions on high level math.. you might want to find another source, ha! I can at least point them in the right direction though!

Finally, I know I have said it many times before, but THANK YOU. Thank you for everything you have done for me this year, our classroom, and our school. Thank you for allowing me the honor of being just a very small piece of your child's life. Thank you all for being amazing parents and for letting that shine each and everyday through your children.

Have an AMAZING summer!

~Mrs. Nelson

End of Year Week/Party Letter!

Here is a copy of the letter that came home last week regarding activities this week as well as the end of the year party on Friday. If you would like to attend, please fill out and return the small form that came home last week so we can have your badge printed and ready to go for a faster office process!

~Mrs. Nelson

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I will primarily be using this to send updates/reminders throughout the week. It is much easier than an e-mail as I can do it from my phone very quickly, anywhere, anytime!

Important Items!

Last week of school!

Items to make note of...

1. No homework this week!

2. STAAR scores/reports were sent home today, Monday. These are in a sealed envelope with your child's name on it. Please look over this information and share with your kiddos as they have all been asking!

3. You do not need to sign behavior logs or reading logs this week. If there is a behavior concern, I will contact you directly this week! :)

4. As the final day quickly approaches, please keep checking your e-mail and Remind for updates as things are constantly changing! :)

5. Please refer to the information above regarding activities this week and the end of year party.

6. Remember that Friday is a half day. Students will need to be picked up at noon.

Upcoming Dates!

4th Grade Awards- mark you calendars now!

Wednesday, June 3rd, 8:30am

1201 Mansfield Webb Road

Arlington, TX

Last day of school/half day!

Friday, June 5th, 12pm

This is an online event.