Green Thumb

By:Kxavier Tapp

Question 1: Artichoken Sales

The Artichoke cost atleast 30$ per year,per pound. The cost may change in other country or state for less produce

Question 2: Growing Vegetables

In order to grow vegetables you will need seeds, soil, and tools. You would need a some gloves, shovel, hoe, and seeds. All of these items will help you grow a successful garden. This process wil take many days or even months. All of these tools cost atleast over a 100$ or more.

Question 3: Linear function of vegetable produced

The production of this vegetable is atleast one of the most pick vegetable in the world. Many people around the world picked and collect artichoke to eat,produce, or use them for experiments
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Question 4: Picture Above

This shows the number of vegetables grown and produces.

Question 5: Average Temperature in Bedford

This graph on the right shows the average temperatureof bedford. This isnt the real average but it is close to it though. This average changes everytime the weather changers that means the vegetables wont be growing in the winter.