Ip addressing, MAC address,

packets, protrocols


An ip address is an address that each device such as a printer or a computer that is connected to the internet. This address is used  so that packets of data bienge sent on the internet can find the device they need to go to. The ip address is a 128 bit number. This is for the internet the wide area network.

MAC address. Media Access Control

The Mac address is like the ip address but for the local area network so that computers and devices on the Lan can commincate to each and send packets of data to each other. It is not for commincations on the internet.


Packets are packets of data.It turns out that everything you do on the Internet involves packets. For example, every Web page that you receive comes as a series of packets, and every e-mail you send leaves as a series of packets. Networks that ship data around in small packets are called packet switched networks. when you send data on the lan or wan it gets turned into packets of data so they dont get lost on the way.


A COMMUTATIONS protocols IS A SET OF RULES THAT COMPUTERS USE TO COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER. THE SET OF RULES ARE LIKE DIFFERENT LANGUAGES YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE LANGUAGE TO KNOW WHAT THE PERSON IS SAYING TO YOU. SO THE protocols MEAN THAT BOTH COMPUTERS UNDERSTAND THE BINARY THEY ARE SENDING EACH OTHER. The protocols vary the speed and meaning of the data. Common network protocols are Ethernet,Local Talk,Token Ring,FDDI and ATM. The protocols rules can change the access method, allowed physical topologies, types of cabling, and speed of data transfer.