"OWL"Standing Classroom News

Mrs. Mullins's Second Grade

Classroom Curriculum

Week of December 1, 2014:

Marvelous Math:

Weekly Learning Target: I can subtract 3-digit numbers with and without regrouping.

*Chapter 3 focuses on subtraction of 3-digit numbers with and without regrouping (or borrowing as you may remember it). This week, we are working on borrowing from the tens when we do not have enough ones to subtract.

*This week, we will review the skills we have learned so far and work to complete lesson 4 of chapter 3. Next week, we will work to complete the chapter and hopefully, be ready to take the test.

*As children bring home math independent practice sheets, take a look at the types of problems that we are currently trying to solve. Take some time each evening to give your child one or two practice problems during math homework time.

*I have included the IXL math link below. This is a free math website and an excellent resource for practicing math concepts and skills at home. I am excited to see that many of you have already been using the IXL math website.

Reading Rocks:

Weekly Learning Target: I can ask questions and make connections while I read a story.

*This week we will review the comprehension strategies called "Making Connections" and "Asking Questions". We will practice these strategies as we read in our reading group and discuss them when we meet.

*When your child brings home a reading group book, they should read this book during the reading portion of their homework and return the book to school the very next day.

Words are Wonderful:


Weekly Learning Target: I can write to entertain others.

*We will begin learning how to write a narrative piece. A narrative is a piece of writing that tells a story. We will learn that all stories need characters, setting, and a purpose. Our two main focuses for this quick mini-unit will be elements and structure of a narrative. I will model how to write a story and children will write and publish their own narrative.

Word Study:

Weekly Learning Target: I can spell words with digraphs.

*Our sort this week focuses on digraph spelling patterns. Digraphs are two consonant letters that come together to make a new sound. Our digraphs for this week are: gh and ph. GH makes three different sounds in words: "f", "g", or it is silent when it is preceded with an i (IGH). PH makes the "f" sound in most words.

*Don't forget to visit www.spellingcity.com for a fun way to practice spelling words. See link below.

IB Unit of Study: Where We Are in Place and Time

Weekly Learning Target: I can name an activists either past or present.

*During this unit, we are going to study activists who worked hard to make a difference in our world. We will learn why each person was motivated and why they felt responsible to take action.

*So far, we have learned about Rosa Parks, Susan B. Anthony, Gandhi, and Ruby Bridges. Our next activist is Abraham Lincoln.

*I sent home a note titled Activism. I asked for families to be on the look-out for two things. One, as you read or listen to current events in the news, look for people taking action. Two, help your child identify hot topics that inspire them to take action. As you identify either an activist or a hot topic, please help your child write it down and send it in for them to share during the hot topic portion of our morning meeting. They could also bring in a newspaper or magazine clipping. Many students have already taken action and brought in wonderful examples for our discussions! Our unit will continue throughout the weeks leading up to Christmas break so please continue to search and send in examples of activism! I have really appreciated your help.

*At the end of this unit, students will pick a hot topic and create their own plan to take action. This will be their grade for the Where We Are In Place and Time IB unit of study.

More Classroom Volunteers Needed

As my schedule has finally started to fall into place, I am now looking for a few more parent volunteers to help out on a weekly basis. If you are willing and able to volunteer for either of the following days and times, please let me know as soon as possible.

Computer Lab: Wednesdays from 10:15 to 11:00 a.m.

This year, I started something new in the computer lab. The students begin their time in the lab looking up answers to their questions on Google. Because most of them have never done this before, they need a lot of support reading through all of the information to find their answers. It is difficult for me to meet the needs of 26 students who all want my immediate one on one attention. It would be extremely helpful to have one or two extra sets of hands.

Reading Time: Wednesdays from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.

I love using a reading program called Great Leaps to strengthen the fluency skills of each student. In order to use this program, I need one parent volunteer daily to work with each child one on one.

Mark Your Calendar with These Upcoming Events

December 4: Leo's Coney Island Night

December 5: Family Movie Night at State Road from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.

December 10: Santa's Workshop at State Road from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

December 11: Hungry Howie's Night

December 12: Holiday Concerts: Second Grade at 9:40 a.m.

Mrs. Mullins's Class Christmas Party from 10:15 to 11:45 a.m.

December 22 to January 4: Christmas Break: No School

Scholastic Book Orders

Don't forget that you can order books online. The books are shipped directly to our school and will earn bonus points that can be used towards purchasing classroom books. The due date for this book order will be Friday, December 5. This will be the last opportunity to order books before Christmas. If you want to order books as Christmas gifts for your child, let me know and I will keep the books off to the side when they are shipped to school. I will notify you that the books have arrived and you can pick them up in the office. You can follow the link below to take you to my Scholastic webpage.

Typing Web

A few weeks ago in the computer lab, I began to introduce some of the students to a typing program called Typing Web. This is a free online typing program that teaches proper keyboarding skills. In the future, students will be taking state assessments on the computer where they will be asked to type to compose opinion, informational, and narrative pieces of writing. It is going to be crucial that even the youngest of students have a strong knowledge of a computer keyboard. I encourage you to utilize this program with your child at home. I have included the link to the program below. I have set-up an account for each child.

Username: your child's first initial, full last name, and oo... for example, cmullinsoo

Password: your child's first and last initial... for example, cm