Innutian Mountains

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What are the Innuitian Mountains?

The land form region called Innuitian Mountains are a range of mountians located in Nunavut, Canada. The people who live there "The Inuits" named these mountains after themselves.

Back story Of the Mountians

The Innuitian Mountians formed during the Menozoic Era when the North American Plate moved north/upwards which caused the Mountians to erupt from the Earth's crust. The Mountains are made of igneous, metamorphic rock and sedimentory rock.

Some Facts to Blow your Mind!

You shouldn't be asking yourself "Why should I come here?" Instead you should ask yourself "why shouldn't I come here?"

Reasons to go to the ultimate vacation spot.

  • There's few wildlife here but we have the best ones including owls, seals, walrus, polar bears, caribou, snow hares and many others. Hunting is very popular in the region with Inuit people hunting seals, snow hares, etc.
  • The Innuitian Mountains are surrounded by the beautiful Arctic Ocean which can be a nice scenery to look at, a great place to travel on with boat or a place where you can jump in if you dare.
  • Pond Inlet nicknamed one of Canada's Jewels is a great city to visit nearby. There's also an Island named after the Queen herself, Queen Elizabeth Island which could also visit.
  • There's people here that you've never heard of, there are Alert, Griese Fiord and Resoulute people all from the Inuits. You can learn about them and share experiences with them.
  • You can see all the gorgeous sights on a snowmobiling tour, when hiking, dog sledding, skiing and more!
  • You can see things like the northern lights, the midnight sun (where you can see the sun for a full 24 hours) or visit Baffin Island (5th largest island in the world) the choice is yours here in The Innuitian Mountians!
How to Pronounce Innuitian

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By: Gurkamal, Anmol, Amrit and Josh