Primary School News

September, 2015

Learning Routines and Expectations

The beginning of school is always very interesting at the Primary School. We have a lot of little people that are experiencing "big school" for the first time, and we try not to forget how many things they are learning in the beginning of their kindergarten year. Our students do a great job of adjusting to all of the adult expectations, and as we move into our second month of school we are excited to see their progress and growth.


Our librarian, Karen Rumker, presented "Makerspace" to our staff on August 21. She explained the idea, shared her vision and helped our teachers discover the value of this movement. Last week Mrs. Rumker completely set up one of our spare classrooms to accomodate this new program. Teachers will sign up to take their students into the Makerspace one day each month. This first month the theme will be "paper", and next month we will add "cardboard". It will be so exciting to watch the creativity and inventive spirits that come from this new program!

On August 21, Kimberly Bergmann, our district Occupational Therapist, presented information to our staff to help them better serve the needs of our students. She gave them tips for helping students who may have sensory issues, or those who may need handwriting assistance. Our teachers always learn so much from Kimberly and appreciate her professional advice.

For the next two weeks our teachers plan to work with their grade level PLC groups. During this time they focus on a variety of topics. They value being able to have this time to collaborate and learn from one another.

Upcoming Events:

September 10 - Picture Day
September 14 - PTA General Meeting, Primary School Library
September 15 - Literacy Team Committee Meeting
September17 - Hearing Screening, First Grade
September 19 - EdCamp Springfield, Cherokee Middle School
September 23 - Mega Parties
September 29, 30 and October 1 - Kindergarten to Rutledge/Wilson Farms
October 5, 6 and 8 - Kindergarten to LR Fire Station
October 7 - Literacy Training Session for all K and 1 teachers