King Penguin


scientific name

Aptenodytes Patagonicus

What do the eat?

The feed on small fish,lantern fish and squid.

King penguin

Sometimes they are known as wolly penguins because of all there fur that they have.

They live on sub Antarctica islands that are dotted around the continent.

There population is estimated to be around 2 to 3.2 million breeding pairs.

Interesting information

They can't go into water until they have lost all there fluffy brown fur.

King penguins are found to dive 50m (160ft).In half there dives they can dive further than this at 500m (1600ft).

what are there predators?

There predators are leopard seal and killer whale.


There adaptions are that they can swim with a maximum speed of 12 KPM although they can swim from 6.5 to 9.7 KPM.
king penguin


size and colour

Weight-males weigh 16.5kg and females weigh 14.3kg.

Colours-blacked-back with a white bellied with a dark head orange oval along the side of its face with a neon yellow patch decorating the top of the breast.