That Was Then This Is Now


Violence can effect those who arent involved

violence can effect people whether they are involved in a situation or not. My thoughts on violence is that it can effect you and the people around you. it can damage friendships and hurt people physically and mentally. you don't realize the damage that's done until the crime is committed. In my personal life my uncle is an alcoholic and abusive to others. He attempted to strangle my aunt to death and almost killed her. My uncle is my moms brother so we are pretty close with him. Just from that one action he did it affected me, my mom, my dad , my two sisters, my grandma , my grandpa , and my 2 aunts. That's 9 people. When national worldwide violence happens it can effect millions of people. In That Was Then This Is Now Mark and Bryon get into trouble for hustling and get into a a fight behind the bar that Charlie works at. When Charlie hears about it he comes out the back door to defend Mark and Bryon and ends up getting shot. That action of violence between Mark and Bryon effected Charlie and eveyrone who knew him. Violence is dangerous and can hurt more poeple than damaged.

What the author thinks about violence

The Author S.E Hinton of That Was Then This Is Now author says that violence can effect those around us . However that is what i also believe. In the book she shows many examples of how it effects others. The temporary or permanent damage it does. But whether it is temporary or permanent damage is damage. Violence is not an okay thing but people still do it. Even if there were millions of people to peacefully protest violence would always overcome.

facts about violence

-Each year nealy 1.4 million people worldwise loose their lives to violence. no matter what the case is people are dying almost everyday becasue people are being violent and abusive towards others. Being violent is a very negative prospect that effects more than hurt.

-every 90 seconds in america someone is abused. Yes thats negative but heres a postive way to look at those who are violent . "violence is like a weed-it does not die even in the greatest drought." in other words there will always be violence no matter where you go. But you control your own actions, nobody else.

violence everywhere

This link gives many stories on kids and adults who were victims of violence.

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