Team Awesome

March 10-14

Language Arts/Social Studies Night

Our hands-on Language Arts/Social Studies Night is planned for March 20 from 6:00 to 7:30. Teachers are working hard to put together an exciting exhibition for everyone. Sixth Grade Social Studies is planning a Market Night. More information will be sent in a special edition of Team Awesome.
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Regular Math: We will test over our Geometry Unit this week. Review and mock performance task will be Monday and Tuesday. Unit Test will be Wednesday and Performance Task on Thursday. We will celebrate "Pi Day" on Friday March 14th. Students will discover the special ratio related to a circles diameter and circumference. If you can donate a pie (any kind) for our class on Friday, we would be very appreciative.


Advanced Math - We will finish our Geometry Test on Monday and begin our Statistics Unit on Tuesday. Statistics will focus on measures of central tendencies, measures of variability and ways to display data using charts and graphs.

POW: Two options this week...students may choose one.


This week we will finish our unit on the universe/solar system by doing an activity on gravity, and investigating small objects in space, such as comets and meteors.

The summative assessments will be on the following days:

Thursday March 13th = Performance Task

Friday March 14th = Unit Test

Students need to study the universe/solar system study guide each night for at least 10-15 minutes.

Language Arts

This week in ELA, students will be frantically scrambling to complete work on their contracts, all of which is due on Thursday. On Friday, students will have a quiz over the different types of folklore.

Social Studies

European Geography Test is Tuesday, March 11. Students should have a completed study guide to help them study.

Students are welcome to work on Create a Country at any time, but we will not be focusing on it until after CRCT.

Watch for our Special Edition that will explain more about our Market Night.