Minecraft (World Of Blocks)

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Minecraft Updates

Well every once in a while there is a new update in "the minecraft world" there is updates like
*1.7.2 [newest one]

And So On theres many updates and new things and kids of all ages play!

Famous Minecraft Players!

Joshy939 [Me]

I love to play minecraft i own my own server and i play on lots of other servers i make lots of minecraft videos sadly i hvae no mic but im geting one for Christmas or my birthday so subscribe to me my YouTube name is HJgaming my instagram is joshy939 and my in game name is joshy939
This is my in game skin! witch is what i look like in game!

Aditional Facts

Minecraft is a fun game that kids of all ages play to have fun you can meat others and build a house you can pvp or pve and have lots of fun you can make your owner servers or games your can say and have alot of fun with it minecraft the only problem is it cost some money to mkae a account but its worth it :)