"Wood" You Like Architecture?

By:Aditya Shettigar 5/6 Nix

What's Architecture?

Have you ever looked at a building and wondered how someone made that and what are the people who that called. Well the people who make those kinds of buildings are called architects. What they basically do is plan and design houses, factories and other structures. They see how good a building will look and how it will stand through the test of nature, time and humans.They are always going to be with a client over phone or in the office. Otherwise they're going to get everyone required for the job. They have to check once a week on the workers that they hired to make sure that they aren't goofing off or that they’re using the right materials. They also have to go with the client no matter what and make sure to not make the client mad by telling them that one of their designs won't work and it would destroy the entire building and the people inside of it also.

Once you and client find a design that won't break and looks good, they have to make a set of detailed instructions for the workers to follow. On small jobs you rarely have to visit the set but on bigger ones you have to watch them from above to make sure that they are doing everything right. You have to work closely with everyone on your team(especially client)to build up a good trust with each other so no one messes up or is unconfident and doesn't say there ideas and they could have a good idea. Also you can not be assertive when discussing a contract. Not too many people go for this job so the job market is very high and the unemployment rate is very low here only 5.1%.

How could I be a successful architect?

One of the main things that you have to be when going into the field of architecture is an open mind and a good attitude. Mainly, because if a client disagrees with abouit anything you say you can't just kick them out you have to reason with them that why it won't work and why the one that you made will. Also you have to be creative and friendly so you can get more clients which results in more money for you.


Education and Day in the life

Something that everyone who is looking to hire you will look at is what you can do when you're told to think outside of the box. You also need at least a bachelors or higher to even be considered by any company. Some things that might give you an upper hand when going into this job field is the ability to be flexible. This will make the people who want to hire you look at you like you actually know what your doing not just a deer in headlights.

Now not a lot of people that do this job in collage liked it when going into the real world. So when in collage you might want to go and get an internship to see what it's like in the real world. Architects always have to be making sure that the client is satisfied no matter what. Since architects are always busy with new clients coming day in and day out there are no off days. When the building is near finished, the architect and their team are usually some of the first people there to cut the ribbon on opening day. A day in the life for an architect always goes like this. Meet with client, go visit the work site, sign contractors, lawyers and workers. Then visit some more clients before going home.