No Talking

Author, Andrew Clements Illustrator, Mark Elliot


Dave Packer and Lynsey Burgess

Plot of Story

The 5th grade boys and 5th grade girls of Laketon Elementary are at war. Dave Packer believes that the boys can talk less then the girls at school , but Lynsey Burgess disagrees she thinks the boys are big loud mouths. So they go head to head to see who can talk less. And the loser has to write a big L on their forehead. And to them its the end of the world if they lose. When the teachers and principle find out about this little competition they get furious. They will do whatever is takes to put a a stop to this whole thing.

Why Did I Enjoy This Novel ?

I truly did enjoy this book. I believe this story has a good moral for young readers.

One of my favorite parts of this story was when the students convince the principle "no talking" is a good thing. If I had to changes one thing in this story it would be for the story to much longer. The characters of this story were very interesting they really showed the typical 5th grader. I would defiantly recommend this book to most ages it made me laugh and smile.

5 Adjatives To Describe This Story

1. A interesting book

2. A funny book

3. A entertaining book

4. A true-to-life book

5. A exciting book

Language In This Story

The language used in this story was more of an every day sort of language , so its quiet easy for most readers to understand. Two examples of figurative language I chose were ; two onomontopeias "EeeeOww" and "WooHoooh" ( page 42 ). The level of the language was very easy to follow. It made the book more fun to read because you can pretty much understand every word.

Would I recommend This Book ?

This book I would defenintly recommend to most ages. This book made me smile and really laugh , the story is ment for younger ages but if you just want a cute little book this book is sure the one.