Idenity and Gender

a young teenager


I believe that I am a good person. i am a older brother to younger siblings and a son and student. i believe that society has many xpectations for me because of my age and gender as a male becasue more is xpected of us.

Viola identity is different because she is a women but she discusses herself as a young boy to work for Duke Orsino and make a living for herself. She has to see herself as a young boy but still remember that she is a women.


I am a young teenage male. I feel that I am xpected to work hard so that i may be ready when it is time to leave school and jion the rest of the working class. and help society and the community.

Voila in twelfth night is discuses herself as a young man. So she choose to work for Duke Orsino after her ship sank during a storm. But only men can work for Duke Orsino so she disused herself as a young man. But is respect and treated as a man and is favored by Duke Orsino. Problem arise when viola falls in love with Orsino but she can't because he believe that viola is a man named Cesario and Olivia falls in love with her disuse Cesario


I believe people view me as quiet person how doesn't say a lot. But also someone that works to finish their work and try to turn it in on time.

Viola his viewed differently be each character some view him /her as a gentlemen and some as an annoyance. Oliva views Cesario as a rude at first and a gentlemen after she starts to fall in love with him. Orsino views him as a close friend how he can trust. Malovola and Sir Andrew see him as an annoyance.

Similarities and Difference

Viola and i are similar because we both would avoid a fight and rather talk it oiut

The difference are unlike me, viola is determend because she keeps trying to convice oliva to love Duke Orsino. But also trying to convice Oliva to stop loving her.