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Goodbye November...Hello December!

The children returned to Room 116 ready for all the fun that comes with December. Right away a few friends found red pom-poms and sang/giggled a lively rendition of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. When you work with young people there is no point to fight their enthusiasm rather you might as well join them and enjoy the three weeks leading up to winter break. Thankfully, Mrs. McDevitt has the classroom well stocked with books for December.
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Peppermint Sticks on Our Tree

We used our "Peppermint Stick" poem from our poetry journal as inspiration for our first ornament on our tree. The children wanted to take those peppermint sticks off the tree and put them into their tummies but we are exercising self control. After school Mrs. McDevitt likes to sit and look at our tree. She has to smile as she sees how many peppermint sticks were placed at the very top of the tree. (Don't worry there are more ornaments to be made for our sweet tree.) Be sure to remind your child to return the poetry journal on Monday.
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We Are Busy Being "How To" Writers!

We are using mentor texts to use as examples for writing "How To" books. Good writers can learn from other good writers. The exciting thing about "How To" writing means that the author takes on the role of a teacher. In "How To" writing, the reader learns from the author. We are becoming experts on using specific word choices in our writing and using the words first, next, then, after, now, finally, and last. Ask us what everyday things we do that would make a great "How To" book (for example: washing hands, making the bed, brushing teeth, walking a dog.)
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The Excitement That Comes With the Mystery Reader

When Mrs. McDevitt marks the calendar that the day will be a Mystery Reader Day, the children listen for any knocks on our classroom door. While the children watch the door to see who is walking through it, Mrs. McDevitt watches the student that is related to the Mystery Reader. The anticipation/shock/excitement/disbelief on the look of the child is priceless. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read to us. Your sacrifice is appreciated. Click the link found below to join Room 116 in loving books!

Meet Mrs. Morris

Mrs. Morris is an important part of our classroom. She is a paraprofessional that is assigned to Mrs. McDevitt for half of the school day. Mrs. McDevitt appreciates her willingness to help out in Room 116 in any capacity that she asks of Mrs. Morris. But the important thing to know about Mrs. Morris is that she loves all the children in Room 116. Mrs. Morris has a talented husband. He came to visit Room 116 and brought his guitar and a book. Two things that Room 116 loves is singing and reading. Room 116 is fortunate to have so many people that love and support our learning. Mrs. McDevitt wishes every school child in America could be as loved and supported as Room 116 is! The video below is Room 116 singing along with Mr. Morris. Life is good at PRS!

Jingle Bells

Information For This Week

sight words: again, had

Mrs. McDevitt will assess first semester sight words the week of December 14.

We are working with nouns, adjective, verbs and pronouns.

We continue to work on telling time. A special handout will come home on Tuesday for you to understand how Mrs. McDevitt is teaching the hour hand.

Be sure to be reading at home every night. One of Mrs. McDevitt's favorite sayings is, "The more you practice the better you get!"
Star Fish

Painting A Star Fish

To work on Community's One Ocean project, we read and research the ocean daily. We recently took time out of our day to paint a star fish. We used a video from the internet to assist us in painting a star fish. Check out the concentration in the faces of the children. The video required the students to follow directions and work on eye hand coordination. Some of you have commented on the drawings your child brings home. The link to one of Mrs. McDevitt's favorite websites of all time is found below.

Upcoming Events

12.7 Polar Express Night at PRS from 6:00-8:00

12.10 PRS Inaugural Band Concert at 7:00

12.17 Room 116's December Party at 1:30-2:15 (more information to come soon)

12.21-1.4: Winter Break: No school

Tuesday, January 5: students return

A Serious Request

Mrs. McDevitt takes very seriously your child's safety during the school day. Her policy is that she must have a note/email/call to the office if your child is changing the way he/she is going home in the afternoon. She will not take the word of a child. She checks her email at 8:00, 10:30 and 2:30. She will respond with a quick response to let you know that she received the email notifying the change. Thank you for doing your part to make sure dismissal is not stressful for your child or Mrs.McDevitt.
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We Love Books!

You never know what kind of book is going to be read in Room 116. We have something for everyone's taste. And speaking of taste, Sam's Sandwich might be the most disgusting sandwich in the history of the world. However, it comes with big, big laughs from first graders. One of Mrs. McDevitt's goals for each child in Room 116 is that they leave her in May with a deep love of reading. Happy Reading! Thank you for supporting her!