Get Started with Canvas

Job-aids & support materials

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***************************Please note**************************

**Canvas is still in the process of creating and solidifying accounts for our district. If you are unable to log-in to Canvas with the information on this site, please wait 24 hours and try again. If you are still unable to log-in please complete the Google Form: to notify the help desk.**

Your Sandbox Course

Logging in
  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in with your Active Directory username and password.

Notice the left hand navigation pane. Canvas has created one Sandbox course for you to get started. All exported My Big Campus content has been loaded into this course.

Getting Started: Creating Modules

Canvas Supports!

Log on to Canvas in a new tab, then click on the links below.

My Big Campus migrated content

My Big Campus active groups, schoolwork and bundles have been exported and sent to the team at Canvas.

Adding your MBC Drive Content to Canvas

Learn how to import your backed up My Big Campus drive into a Canvas Course and Module here -

So You Know: What PowerSchool Will Do

  • Canvas will use PowerSchool data to automatically create courses for all SDUSD teachers.
  • Grades will be synced automatically between Canvas and the PowerSchool gradebook, although the process can take up to one hour. It will be important to check your PowerSchool gradebook to make sure content has been posted accurately.

Help for Teachers

For teachers:

Support from Canvas - Click on the Help Menu icon - the blue Help icon at the bottom left when you log in ...
  • Canvas phone number
  • Chat with Canvas Support
  • Canvas Help Ticket - "Report a Problem"
Support from SDUSD
  • Can't log in? Call the SDUSD Help Desk (619-209-HELP)
  • Need one-to-one support? Contact your EdTech Point of Contact.

Help for students

  • Canvas Student Guide
  • First stop when you need help - talk to your teacher
  • Restart your browswer
  • Try another browser
  • Clear your history and cache
  • Doublecheck your log-in: are you using all caps?

**Note: it may take 48 hours to generate accounts for new students**