Is this Sparta?

Life as a Spartan

  • If you were a man, you would get trained to fight for the Spartan army and were expected to marry.
  • If you were a boy, in school you were taught how to read, write and fight.
  • If you were a girl, you would stay home and learn how to cook, clean, and sew from your mother.
  • If you were a mother, you would stay home and cook, clean, and get ready for the husband to come home.
  • All Spartans had one thing in common, every Spartan had to fight in emergencies in the army as a hoplite.

Spartan schooling

  • At age seven, the Spartan boys entered public education system.
  • At age eleven the boys moved up to a higher level of education.
  • Girls were not allowed to go to school.
  • As a girl you would have stayed home with your mother and learn how to cook, clean, sew, and take care of the house.

Spartans food/diet

  • The Spartans ate goat, pigs, and chickens for protein.
  • The Spartans most popular dish was black broth which was soup made out of pig leg, vinegar, salt, and blood which was enjoined with soup.
  • The Spartans diet was very nutritious and very healthy diet.
  • The Spartans did not eat bread because it was not a stable of their diet.
  • Milk came from goats and cows as part of their dairy influence.
  • The last thing is that the Spartans did not drink a lot of wine with or after meals because it was considered inappropriate.

Spartan military

  • The Spartan military was famous for Leonidas and his last stand.
  • The Spartan military was also famous for its bravery and so many battles against their opponents.
  • The dark times in Greece was when Sparta started to rise to power.

Battles of ancient Sparta

  • The Persian war was one of the most famous wars in Spartan history.
  • The war was Sparta vs. the Persians.
  • The Persian war lasted fifty years total to come to an end.
  • The Spartans defeated the Persians which was a true upset.

Famous Buildings and places in ancient Sparta

  • The second most important building was the Spartan assembly hall.
  • The first important building in Sparta was the Temple of Artemis.
  • The the third most important building in Sparta was the Spartan military barracks.

5 interesting facts ancient Sparta

  • Ancient Sparta was known as Lacedaemon.
  • From 650 B.C. ancient Sparta was the most dominant military power in ancient Greece.
  • The ancient Spartans were one of the most organized independent states in Greece.
  • Spartans greatest enemy was the Athens.
  • Spartans located in the south eastern part of Greece.


  • The Spartan culture was all about military.
  • The Spartans were trained to fight at a young age.
  • Everyone was required to fight in the military no matter what.


  • The ancient Spartans believed that Zeus was leader of the gods.
  • The Spartans also believed that all gods lived on Mount Olympus.
  • People praised the gods at each temple.
  • The Spartans believed that Poseidon was the son of Zeus along with Hades.
  • The Spartans also believed that the gods had there own unique power.


  • Two kings ruled the city and the citizens.
  • 28 member elder council limited powers of the citizens and the two kings which today we would call the senate.
  • The Spartans had three classes which were lower, middle, and upper class.
  • The kings of the Spartans always lived on the upper class along with the 28 elder council member group.
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