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with Gabby Koblitz and Tanner Hart

Economic impacts on Everest

According to an article in the National Geographic Magazine, about 9 out of 10 people who actually reach the summit of Everest, are now guided "clients." People who pay up to $120,000, just to take a "tour" of Everest that they might not even survive! Tourism is a HUGE industry.

Climate on Everest

The climate for Everest is obviously always naturally cold. In January, the coldest month, the temperature is about -33° F. The lowest it can go is -60* F. In July, the warmest month, the temperature is -2*F.

Preparation for Climbing Everest

If your going to climb Everest, you WILL be carrying your own sleeping bag and tools for you to summit.

Holly Angelo's Report

Youngest Person Summits Everest

By: Holly Angelo

Look its Peak. Wait!! No!! Its Sun-Jo!!!!!!! Wow!!(Zopa is thinking) I can't believe it's my little boy at the top of the world. But wait! there's still one mystery. Where's Peak? Uh-oh. Josh looks worried. The next day Peak comes down with the sherpa. He tells Josh everything that happened. Josh's face looked really mad/ disappointed, but then out of the ordinary his face lit up. "You did this for me. Didn't you?" Josh asked Peak. Peak replies "At that time; I really didn't know..."