My Relationship Evaluation Project

Abby French

Who is a great listener in your life

A great listener in my life is my mom.The reason my mom is a great listener is because when i need to tell her something she stops what she is doing and takes time to listen and help or be there for me.My other reason why my mom is a great listener is because she always knows what to say and it always helps to know you have someone to talk to.

who is a individual who makes positive decisions for themselves and others you really respect.

An individual that makes a positive decisions for themselves is my cousin Kyle. Kyle already signed up for college and know what he wants to do i think that he is inspiring to me because i want to be organized like him.I respect him because he knows what he wants and he strives for success i greatly respect that.

Who is an individual that provides excellent communication that makes you think and reflect on your decisions

An individual that provides excellent communication that makes me think and reflect on my decisions is my teacher that is also my volleyball coach.This is because when i need help with homework or when i am having trouble she is there for me.She makes me reflect my decisions because i look at her and think that she is very respected and she got to be that way by being good and making good decisions and thinking before she does it.

Who is an individual in your life that you know personally that embodies the characteristics of a great leader.

An individual in my life that i know personally embodies great characteristics of a good leader is my dad.My dad works extra jobs to make sure we get what we want and to make sure we have money for vacation.He always does things for people and i look up to him he is a great leader by making sure if anybody needs help or anything,

List 3 character traits you most admire or respect from others

3 Traits you most admire or respect about others is

1.They listen to you and understand.

2.They take the time to help.

3.But most importantly they try to be were you are at and try to understand and maybe come from a diffrent point of view.

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