Straight From The Lions Mouth

November 14, 2020

And just like that, it's the middle of November!

Happy Weekend!

It is hard to believe that we have reached the middle of November, and 2020 is coming to a closing in just over a month. In terms of 2020/21 school days, we have just completed 52 days in school with our teachers, and 42 days in school with our students. Though it seems a lot longer than what it is, I am still very impressed by the amount of accomplishments thus far. We continue to "carefully" approach every day as a new day, hoping to keep our school open, healthy, and safe throughout the remainder of Fall and then Winter. And then Spring,.... but I have to remind myself that we should take on step at a time.

Having said weather and winter approaching, I will like to share that I've asked our teachers to "crack their classroom windows open" as much as possible so air continues to circulate through our school. In addition, we have placed many air purifiers throughout our school environments to also assist with the the overall air quality.

**** Please bundle up the kids as the weather gets colder. ****

We promise not to allow the indoor temperature to be too cold, but it is only fair that I give you this friendly warning about school temperature.

If your child is not feeling well, please allow him/her to stay home and please don't forget to notify our school office. Regardless if it is before, during, or after school hours, I would like to request that you call our attendance line to report your child's absence. We are required to accurately record our students' attendance. Thank you for your collaboration!

Overall, another great week! Hope you think so too.

Longing for a few more sunny days so everyone can enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful Fall weather.


Principal Mascia


Thanks to you, your families and friends, we have completed another great fundraiser this year. The PTO and the Amesbury and Cashman elementary schools have raise a little over $18,000!!! This is so incredibly generous!! Thank you so much :)

We know that your hard working students are waiting for their BOOSTER prizes so your PTO have set this distribution for Wednesday, November 18th from 3pm to 5pm at the Cashman School. Please reach out to your PTO if you have any questions.

Much appreciated!


Dear Cashman Families,

We know that this year might look different than what we’re all accustomed to, but that doesn’t mean our school spirit should be minimized. If anything, it means that we should be putting even more of our energy into making sure our Lion Pride is loud, strong, and here to stay.

We know Spiritwear is more than just t-shirts and sweatshirts. It’s a connection, when students need it most. Spiritwear gets kids excited about our school, it gets them feeling connected to their friends, and it gets them feeling grounded in the community. Our spiritwear sale is also a fundraiser, so you will be helping our Cashman Community with your purchase!

Please join us in spreading excitement about what this school year has to offer and order your Spiritwear online today!

The Cashman Online Store is now open for business. And it’ll be open 24 hours a day for the next three weeks! Don’t delay, order TODAY for guaranteed holiday delivery! Share the link to the store with your friends. There’s power in numbers, and we’d really love to see our whole Cashman community, parents & alumni included, showing off their new gear!

If you have questions about the spiritwear sale please email me!


Courtney Lovett

Third Grade Teacher

Cashman Elementary

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