SS Final Project

Jackson Link

World War II

World War II was sparked by Adolf Hitler when Germany invaded Poland in 1939, The war brought major upgrades to technology, At first the US was avoiding the war the had the Civil rights movement going on along with the women rights movement but later on the were brought into the war with an bombing on Pearl Harbor an attack from Japan. Later on the Allied powers win the war (Great Britain, Soviet Union, United States). Afterwards led on the Cold war between the US and the Soviets.

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Cold War

The Cold war wasn’t really and war it was an tension between the US and the Soviet Union, The US didn’t want the Soviets to spread communism all over to other countries. Germany’s capital Berlin was split in half by the berlin wall which was later torn down. The biggest fear in the war between both countries was nuclear warfare both countries were piling up with bombs and they threatened each other with them. There were also the Cuban Missile Crisis when the Soviet were moving weapons into Cuba to have an closer striking distance on the US if they decided to attack. The tension lasted for about 40 years.

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Roaring 20’s and Great Depression

There roaring 20’s were a time of celebration a rebirth for the US after WWI things were being invented and improved and people were investing much money into the stock market. Girls are called flappers and prohibition was put into place which was an ban to alcohol. The stock market crashed which create black Tuesday everyone who invested money most likely lost it all many people became homeless and poor. People couldn’t afford much food so the government had it so that they could go get free bread, doughnuts, coffee.

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Modern Era

We as an society have improved greatly with all the technology and the advancement of people but around certain times we struggled with terrorism and wars. Many many things are improving and sooner or later what we think is the future might happen with flying cars and cars driving themselves
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Civil War

This was america bloodiest clash it was the Union v. the Confederates battles resulted in 620,000 deaths and millions injured. The Confederates left the union when they weren't allowed slavery and they were mostly fighting for that right of keeping slavery. The Union fought several battles against the Confederates and they were eventually the winners of the war.
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