By: Scarlett and Nate Brandon and Lexi Bell

Athena a Greek god

Athena is the Greek god of wisdom. Her father is Zeus and her mother is Metis. Athena was born from inside her father's head because he swallowed Metis so he could always have her advice. She was born fully grown with a helmet and cape that her mother, Metis made for her. She was also Zeus' favorite child.
Athena has outsmarted and punished people with her great wisdom. She punished Arachne, a country girl with great talent that challenged Athena by turning her into a spider so she had to weave for the rest of her life. She was the first spider. Athena fought with Poseidon for Athens, the city-state in Greece. He gave Athens a well, but it was salty like the ocean so they couldn't use it for much. Athena gave the Athenians an olive tree, which they could use for wood, food and oil. Then she won the city. Also with her wise owl that was perched on her shoulder, Athena's leadership made the Athenians famous for their arts and crafts. She now had a beautiful temple on top of the Acropolis. (a flat-topped rock)