August 29, 2013


Hello New Zion Parents & New Zion-

Hope that everyone is having a great week and the start of school has been smooth. We are excited to be back with the youth. It is going to be a fantastic year with these amazing young people. Thank you for encouraging and supporting each and every one of them.

Please remember that we do not have rehearsal this Sunday (September 1st) due to the Labor Day weekend. We will be back to our regular schedule on September 8th. We look forward to seeing everyone then.

Have a restful weekend!

Nona and Ruth Ann

Knowing About Versus Knowing...

At the parents meeting on Sunday the Seniors had an opportunity to speak about New ZIon and their experiences, etc. One theme that kept coming back was the Community of the group. The opportunity to get to know these people that you might not go to school with or even live close to, but when you all came to New Zion it was community and family. No "cliques" or "social order". Everyone has a place and is accepted. We all learn to live and grow together. In this I was reminded of something David said in his sermon on Sunday. There is a difference between knowing about someone and taking time to know someone. I think this is a picture of what we strive for in New Zion. In the beginning we know about each other, the things we like or don't like, if we have activities such as music, sports, art, etc. - the list could go on. Over the course of our time together in New Zion, through singing, working, praying and living alongside each other we move from knowing about to really knowing a person from the inside out. How excited I am to get to know your youth from the inside out. Thank you for that honor.

Calendar Items

Here are a few items for the calendar as we begin our year.

Sunday, August 18th - First Rehearsal 3:20-4:30

Friday, August 23rd - Swim Party at the Price's from 1:30-3:30. Please RSVP at rehearsal on Sunday or via email. I will send address and directions later.

Sunday, August 25th - Rehearsal 3:20-4:30 / Parents Meeting at the same time

Sunday, September 1st - No Rehearsal - Labor Day Weekend

Sunday, September 8th - Rehearsal 3:20-4:30

New Zion Youth Choir

The New Zion Choir is a group of youth in grades 6-12. They meet weekly to rehearse and socialize as they grow together through music, worship, prayer and friendships. They sing in worship throughout the school year, participate in fundraising projects and serve alongside each other in other service opportunities. Every summer they take a mission trip in July. During this time they sing in churches and nursing homes and find ways to serve the community they are a part of at that time.
This open and welcoming group is for anyone that would like to participate. One does not have to be a member of AHUMC to come and be a part.

For more information contact Nona Schwab.