Viking Home life

By Sophie and Bridget

The Vikings lived in longhouses near water with around 7-8 other Vikings. The houses were very dirty and blandly decorated. The rulers of the Vikings villages had the biggest and most lavishly decorated houses.

Most Vikings were farmers when they weren’t in battle. They had their own livestock, as well as going hunting and fishing. Women would stay home to cook their tea twice a day for their grateful family and when eating they used spoons and knives but not forks. The Viking’s diet consisted mainly of bread, cheese, beef, eggs and milk. All these products were produced themselves from their farms.

Vikings wore basic clothing such as trousers that went to the knee or ankle and a pull over shirt that reached below the waist; the colours of Viking clothing were earthly because they couldn’t afford bright colours. Clothing was usually made out of linen or wool and leather shoes. Viking women were thought to be the first women to wear bras.

A Thing was a special political town meeting where the entire village-mainly men- could discuss their ideas. An 'All Thing' was a meeting where different Viking villages would come together to discuss.

If one member of a Viking family did wrong then the whole family was disgraced. When a member of a Viking town passed away then all their belongings including swords, other weapons and even an entire ship if the person was important was buried with them. It was believed that Vikings would need these things in their quest to the afterlife.


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