Dana Fitzpatrick M.Ed.

“We are what we repeatedly do...” -Aristotle

Casting a Wider Net...

While I will always consider myself a teacher I have come to a point in my career that I feel the need to cast a wider net. Being a classroom teacher only allows me to affect the small number of students I service each year. By stepping into an administrative leadership position this would allow me to cast a wider net to influence change and growth in many classrooms rather than to be limited to just my own.


M.Ed.- Educational Administration, Concordia University, Chicago, IL 2014

M.Ed.- Educational Technology, Concordia University, Chicago, IL 2011

BA- Elementary Education, Chicago State University, Chicago, IL 2003

Principal Certificate- Texas (Expected completion May 2015)

Middle School Social Studies -Certified (IL)

Middle School Language Arts -Certified (IL/TX)

K-12 Technology Specialist -Certified (IL)

EC- 6 Generalist- Certified (TX)

ESL Certificate- Texas

Professional Experience


  • Designed, created, and facilitated professional development on analyzing school wide data and effective uses of curricula.
  • Independent contractor with educational support company presenting on Behavior Modification- presenting a technique that was created and successfully used in the classroom for more than six years.
  • Invited presenter at several schools and conferences, which include the Middle School Matters III Conference (hosted by AIMS & NMSA), the annual P.P.E.S. Math, Science, & Discipline Conference and a host of Chicago Public Schools.
  • Developed school wide walking reading groups (K-8) based on data results.
  • Coached and supported faculty members throughout the year on analyzing data.
  • Designed and created high quality and differentiated long term plans and unit plans based on State Standards, College Readiness Standards and Common Core State Standards.
  • Designed, created, and facilitated professional development focused on the intersection between technology and the Humanities.
  • Designed and created high quality and differentiated standards based long term and unit plans based school specific curricula.
  • Served on the school’s Community Advisory Team as well as the District Advisory Team.
  • Coached and managed colleagues as an After School Coordinator as well as created and implemented a high quality after school program for students.
  • Mentored several new teachers at Principal request.
  • Developed and implemented a culturally and emotionally responsive school wide discipline system which included a daily affirmation and a large parental involvement component as well.
  • Created a mentoring group along with developing a curriculum in response to the social-emotional needs of the student body.


  • 1 year High School Grades 9-11 (U.S. History, Economics, Urban Affairs, College Advisory)
  • 3 years Elementary School Grades 1-5
  • 6 years MiddleSchool Grades 6-8


  • 3 years Grade Level Chair
  • 4 years Girl's Mentoring Group
  • 6 years Coaching (HS Boy's Basketball- NCAA Certified)

Managing the Shift

  • Continue building a rapport among teachers and create a relationship of open sharing of everyone's expertise.
  • Capitalize on the strengths and talents of teachers throughout the district.
  • Highlight teacher accomplishments and establish a system of acknowledgement.

New Ideas

  • Differentiated professional development.
  • Use existing talent in the classrooms and continuously highlight best practices.
  • Create a "professional gems" series that give opportunities for teachers to present successful best practices, strategies, and resources to other teachers.
  • Provide opportunities for TeachMeet style professional developments. Including micro and nano presentations along with round table discussions.
  • Continue working to align unit assessments to the STAAR by creating teams of teachers who can offer feedback for improvements.
  • Planned vertical alignment meetings with PLC's at strategic points in the year.