For Sale! Luxurious Paradise


Tranquility Beach House

Looking for a great view with a little beach house? Then you're in luck because this tropical beach home just came onto the market! With the perfect nature experience and fantastic neighbors, this romantic condo contains,

  • Fantastic views of beach and ocean,
  • Running water,
  • 3 1/2 rooms,
  • 3 bathrooms, and
  • 3 stories along with an outside deck for an outstanding night view of the beach.

For Sale Now $250,000

The Benifits

Although this house may need a few fix-ups to fit your dreams, this beach house is a fantastic fishing location along with a tropical paridise. Offers are being thrown off the wall for hundrends of thousands of dollars, but we Denied all these offers just for you. LIMITED TIME before the highest offer is accepted. So call now and get your own luxurious paradise.