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Haiti used to be controlled by Spain until they gained independence in 1804.

Haiti is still currently independent.


French and Creole

Geographical Information

Haiti is located on the Caribbean on West Indies.

The physical features there are mostly rough,mountainous,and white sandy beaches.

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Political and Diplomatic Information

Haiti has a republic type of government and the current leader is Michel Martelly.

Haiti is in good terms with other countries.Haiti used to have conflicts with the Dominican Republic in the past.

Economic and Trade Information


Economic system:Capitalism


  • Food
  • Raw materials
  • Rice
  • Oil
  • Metals
  • Cotton fabric


  • Coffee
  • Light industrial products
  • Electric equipment
  • Sugar cane
  • Sisal
  • Cacao

Haiti imports goods from the U.S.,Dominican Republic,China,etc...

Haiti Exports goods to the U.S.,Dominican Republic,Canada,etc

Tourist Information

Haiti should have people visit because of the clean white beaches,hiking up the mountains,and interesting or beautiful buildings like the Citadelle Laferriére or the National Museum of Art,and many nice cities.

Tourist should visit the beaches there.The city Kenscoff is a great city to visit while there and Tourist should hike up the mountains and see the Citadelle or just look at the mountain view.

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Citadelle Laferriére