School Crisis

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"It part of everyone's life." is what adults say to kids who witness bullying, and end up doing nothing about it. Many people witness bullying but don't know how to handle it. Some people don't even know that bullying is.

Bullying is rude, or aggresive behavior that some kids in school use for more power. The behavior they show is usually more then just a one time thing, and is repetitive. The might use threats, spread rumors, attack someone verbally, or physically. Physical bullying is getting kicked or punched. Verbal bullying is teasing, name-calling, and starting and spreading rumors. Some kids might start making fake accounts, or making comments, or post to attack one kid.

Most people who get bullied are usually a little different then everyone else. Bullies might bully someone because of the way they look, their personality, the way they talk, or their social status. They could bully someone for no reason. They just enjoy having the power over someone else. Kids who are shy or isolated are usually targets for bullies.

The effect of bullying is not good at all. Victims can feel abandoned or left alone. Their relationship, schoolwork, and health could become a problem. Some victims might then develop anxiety or depression. In worse cases, if the situation becomes worse some younger victims will commit suicide, or have suicidal thoughts.

Some bullies might bully if they have a low self-esteem, and are rude to others to feel important. They might have a hard time at home with parents, or something family related. Some bullies might have gone through something traumatic, and do it to keep people away from them.A bully might just be mean and think they're the center of the world, and (in some morbid way) enjoy hurting you because they think they're better.

Everyone can prevent bullying not just being a by-stander and doing something about it. Be the one to tell the bully to stop, or grab an adult to help. Don't spread negative rumors, if you don't know the facts. Don't laugh at people who you barely know, and don't say things to them that aren't true.

Bullying is not just a part of life! No one deserves to go through pain because of someone else. So please, stop bulling.


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