Burma Genocide

By: Laura Herrera, Sophia Lyons, and Rylee Marquardt

Burma History

In the Rwandan Genocide was a terrible thing that ever happened in history. The Rwandan Genocide is based on when a country has a problem and eventually then someone will take over a part of that country. For an example, the holocaust in 1930’s - 1945 of May, is when Hitler was taking over people's lives like for the jews. The jews had to wear a yellow star that represents that they are a Jew, Jews were then killed in concentration camps. By The 1945 Jews were released but almost 11 million people were killed in the Holocaust. This is a Genocide that changed the history in Germany. Burma could be eventually a problem of becoming a Genocide.

Burma at risk of Genocide

As you know Burma is at risk of genocide, it started with peaceful protest and eventually to the government putting their foot down to ending them. This lead to ethnic purifying, human rights being disregarded, and stopping humanitarian help. There are eight steps of genocide, but the first six step are like warnings. The first step is classification which is the government v.s Rohingya people. The second step is symbolization which is Rohingya being considered foreigners. The third step is dehumanization which is calling the Rohingya people illegal foreigners. The fourth step is organization in Burma’s case is the Rohingya being put into concentration camps. The fifth step is Polarization the government has been doing damage to places and using the Rohingya people for very hard work. The sixth step is preparation the government is killing and putting Rohingyas into concentration camps. I believe Burma is on the sixth step of genocide because of the people being put into concentration camps and killed.

How we can Stop Genocide

Some of the things that we could help prevent genocide from Burma is to try to save them. Over the past few years, there have been about over 30,000 people who had died or been killed. They are in a very dangerous place right now, and are being treated like slaves. There are many ways that we can help them for example, we could make flyers to tell other people what are happening, make a website, or maybe if we had enough money we could send planes to either go give them all kinds of goods or to bring them to a better place. All of the people who live in that current area are not safe. In order to live they basically have to hid without getting spotted.