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Flipgrid Fliphunt

A Flipgrid Fliphunt is an engaging way to get your students moving and having fun while exploring the curriculum. It is basically a video-based scavenger hunt using Flipgrid. Follow the creator of Fliphunts, Kathi Kersznowski - @kerszi.

  • You can find Fliphunts by subject area at this community crowdsourced grid.
  • Also, search the Disco Library (at the top of your Flipgrid page) for Fliphunts!

Let's Go on a Fliphunt!

Normally, a Fliphunt is done in groups, but since we are not all in one place, we will see what happens when we go on a Fliphunt!

  1. Open flipgrid.com/kelleru2020.
  2. If you are on a mobile device, you will need the app. The code is kelleru2020.
  3. Choose a task, click the green + icon, and record your answer.

NOTE: How do you find all of the questions? On the right side of your screen under the banner, there is a drop-down menu that says 12 Topics. Those are the questions for this Fliphunt.

Let's Create a Fliphunt!

  1. Log into your Flipgrid educator account.
  2. Create a new grid and give it an appropriate title.
  3. Delete the Say Hello to Flipgrid! question that is automatically added to each new grid.
  4. Under the grid, add as many topics (questions) as you need.
  5. For each topic, it is fun to add a video or image to support the question posed. The students love Giphys on a Fliphunt!!
  6. Share the grid with your students and tell them to be sure to use the drop-down arrow to record answers on all topics.

When creating your grid and topics, you might want to consider the following:

  • When creating your grid, you might want to turn off the Receive email notifications when new student videos are submitted (under Features).
  • Turn on Video Moderation for each topic so that students do not see the other videos.
  • When you are creating a topic, click More Options and change Video and Selfie Styles to None. The purpose of a Fliphunt is for students to complete as many tasks as possible in a set time frame. You do not want them wasting time adding selfies, stickers and drawings.

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