The Guinea worm

By Keshon Jones

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Where does it live?

The Guinea worm disease is found in 4 major countries Chad, Ethiopia, Mali and southern Sudan.

How does it feed?

The Guinea worm feeds on the host blood, when the parasite enters the blood stream it makes its way down to the foot.

How does is reproduce?

The Guinea worm reproduces by producing eggs that contain larvae or free larvae. These require anthropod intermideite host.
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What are the Host of choice?

The Guiena worm affects many different species such as: humans, dogs, horse, wolf, lepard and monkey.

Special Adaptations

- Some Guiena worms can resit drugs used to kill it.

- The Guiena worm can absorb nutrients from your blood stream as it moves through your body.

How long are Guiena worms?

Female- up to 3 meters long

Male- 1.2 cm - 2.9 cm long

Juveniles- 500-700 meters long

Intreasting Facts

- The Guiena worms scentific name is: Dracunculus Medinesis

- The Guiena worm affects over 10 million people per year

- The Guiena worm is not only found in contaminated water but also freashwater lakes.