Wellfield Middle School Newsletter

5 September 2014

Dear Parent and Carer

Welcome to this our first newsletter of the new school year. I hope you have all had a good summer break. We have had a superb first week back and I have been delighted to see all our pupils looking so smart in their uniforms and so enthusiastic about coming back to school and carrying on with their learning. Welcome in particular to our new pupils in year 5 and also one or two new pupils in year 6 and 7. I have been very impressed by the politeness and helpfulness of our pupils this week and there has been a truly wonderful atmosphere around school. We look forward to another great year at Wellfield.

Welcome to the new staff

We are very pleased to welcome 2 new members of staff this term. Mrs Hawkridge has joined the English Department and Miss Foster has joined the Science Department. We hope both our new colleagues will settle well and enjoy working with us at Wellfield.

Reading and Learning Days

The first 2 days of this week were mainly form class based and involved lessons covering a range of key skills in preparation for the academic year ahead which will have a number of challenges for our pupils. In particular we have been looking at reading skills and learning to learn strategies and we have covered expectations in terms of behaviour and issues around WE CARE which of course sums up our whole ethos. We are now fully into timetabled lessons and normal daily routines.


Your child has received a planner this week and this is a really important booklet. It has a host of useful information about our school routines and also learning points and key knowledge on a subject by subject basis. It is in itself a valuable learning tool and it is well worth reading through this as parents and encouraging your child to use it fully. We ask that you sign the planner each week. The planner is also used to record homeworks. Your child’s form teacher will also check the planner regularly and so it can be used as a kind of home/school communication. Because planners are so vital and can sometimes be misplaced we are insisting from this week that all planners are stored safely in lockers at break and lunch times.


All pupils should now have a locker and again we are insisting that all pupils use these properly to store not only planners and pencil cases but also bags and coats. Mobile phones, of course, if brought into school, must be in lockers at all times.

Yard Buddies

Parents may be interested to know that we operate a “yard buddy” system in school. The “buddies” are a team of trained pupil volunteers from years 6,7 and 8 who are available each breaktime and lunchtime to talk to, play with and/or help any pupil who wishes it. The “buddies” can be identified by their yellow “buddy” badge and operate on a rota system. Assemblies over the next few weeks will highlight this, again, to the whole school.

Music Tuition

I am delighted that we are able to offer a full range of music tuition at Wellfield this year and a separate letter with full details will be sent to you about the same time as this newsletter. I hope a large number of our pupils will want to take advantage of these offers. If you do have any queries please contact Miss Whittle at school.


Our school choir will be meeting soon to start the new year. This is open to all pupils and will also at some point in the future give pupils the opportunity to sing together in the community. Any pupil who is interested should see Miss Whittle. The choir usually meets at lunchtimes.

Homework Club

Did you know that we have a homework in school every lunchtime part from Fridays? This is staffed and allows pupils to complete homeworks, using a computer if necessary, with support and help if they get stuck. The homework club is in room 8. Any pupil wanting more information should see Mrs Nelson.


This is always an issue for us and I do worry constantly about the safety of pupils in Kielder Road especially. All parents are asked to leave their vehicles away from Kielder Road and walk their children up to the gates. In the light of the need to keep your children safe it makes no sense in having cars parking and turning in Kielder Road near the school. Problems have already been brought to my attention by a member of staff and so I would urge you to follow the request to park in a more safe spot. Thank you.

Fizzy Drinks

A reminder that some time ago Governors took the decision to ban all fizzy drinks in school as part of our successful bid to become a “ Healthy School”. This includes fizzy drinks that are part of packed lunches. Cakes, chocolate and confectionery items are also not allowed in school other than as part of a packed lunch. Staff will take these items from pupils if they have them on the yard or around school.

Newsletters and Communication

Newsletters usually come out every 2 weeks on a Friday. They are available via email or the school’s website and as such we do not intend to send paper copies out automatically once the year is underway. We will, of course, provide paper copies if requested. You can receive a good deal of information electronically and we also use a text messaging service for important messages and this has proved to be very effective in the past. I would encourage all parents to use these forms of communication. If you haven’t already done so, and would like to be involved, do please send us an email address and mobile telephone number for the attention of Mrs Stephenson. Thank you.

Acceptable Use Policy

We would like to remind you to complete the ICT acceptable use policy as soon as policy. It would be preferable if this was completed online.

Acceptable Use Policy

Summer Reading Challenge.

A massive thank you for all the year 5s who completed the Summer Reading Challenge. We were really thrilled with the response as we had a record number of entries. Look out for the display of 'extreme reading' that will be around the school very soon.

Lost Property

Lost Property is put into the drawers in the reception area, next to the front door. If your child loses anything in school, please ask them to look in these drawers. Please make sure all clothing and equipment brought into school is named with the pupil’s full name.

Any unnamed lost property will be disposed of at the end of each half term.

PE News

Football boots

Football boots will be needed for all year groups for next half term starting the week beginning 3rd November. At the end of this half term we will be holding a swap shop in the school hall, we have a number of pairs of used football boots in good condition in a variety of sizes. Any one who wants to are welcome to bring in their old football boots and swap them for a different size, we will also be accepting donations for football boots if you don't have any to swap.

Sporting Clubs

Football KS3 Wednesday - 4:30

Girls Football all years Monday - 4:30

Netball all years - Tuesday - 4:30

Clubs starting soon

Cardio Gym for KS3

Gymnastics Club


Stretch & Tone

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