What does beauty mean to you?

Christian Ethics90

How do we, as Christians define beauty?

We as Christians define beauty, not based on the outside appearance, but what really is inside. How good his/her hearts is. Its when your confident of your own self and you belive in who you are.

What does beauty mean to me?

For me, beauty means being your own self, and not like everyone else. Beauty doesn't mean your physical appearance, but how good you hearts is. Its when you have confident and be unique in your own way. Social medias doesn't decide whether we're beautiful or not, but God is the one who makes us beautiful in our different way.

How do I care for my body?

My body doesn't define whether I'm beautiful or not. I don't want to change or do something to it so that I fit to the social media standard of beauty. I'll take care of my body just the way I take care of it every single day, healthy and strong. And I will not do anything to it that I will regret in the end.

What about me is beautiful?

I don't really know what about me is beautiful. But it's how God see about me, is what makes me truly beautiful. As i said the social media doesn't define whether your are beautiful or not. What's important is that you have a good personality, and how you see your own self.

How can jesus reach others through me?

Jesus can reach others through me by, always doing the right thing. Don't do anything that you will regret in the end. Offer help to other people when they need it. Be there to comfort someone, if they feel sad or lonely.

How might I grow and change in the future into the person God wants me to be?

I will work hard in the future so that God will be happy of the choices I made in my life. I want to have a good future, and that includes a happy family. I will try and do my very best for them, and grow into a person they wanted me to be.