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The purpose of this monthly newsletter is to provide you with quick information, tips, and technology hacks for the classroom.

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Just as you practice rules & procedures with your students, I want to remind you of the procedure for sending in Work Orders.

PLEASE be sure to include your ROOM NUMBER on all work orders. Think of it as one of your students not putting their name on a paper - you have to spend time searching for the owner. So, help a girl out and make sure your room number is on that work order; it's MUCH appreciated! ;-)

An example work order is pictured below.

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You Know I'm a Teacher, Right??

Some of you may not realize that I taught 4th grade for 12 years before becoming an Instructional Technology Coach. In fact, all Instructional Technology Coaches are teachers! I even have a Master's Degree in Integrating Technology into the Classroom.

I'd love to help you find more ways to use meaningful technology in your classroom. There are some great tools out there - let me show them to you!

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I'm available to assist you in the classroom by co-teaching a lesson, introducing you to new technology tools, modeling blended learning, or simply observing your class to offer suggestions of how to better integrate technology!

I can also find or create excellent, standards based technology lessons to fit into your curriculum!

Take a look below at my Tasty Tech Bytes for a sample of ideas and then book an appointment with me so we can get started! I can't wait to work with you!!

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Awesome App Alert!!

Microsoft Whiteboard launched in mid December and offers some cool features for teachers & students!

  • Collaboration
  • Works with fingers or pen
  • Handwriting analysis
  • Ink Grab
  • Export to OneNote

Take a look at Microsoft's Blog about the launch HERE!

In order to get this app, you must download it from the Microsoft store, located at the bottom of your screen on the Task Bar. Search for "Microsoft Whiteboard" and follow the prompts. If you need assistance, just ask!

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1/15 - Digital Learning Tools (There's a BIG giveaway!!! Shhhhh...)

1/29 - Classroom Management Tools & Strategies

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This Month's Featured Teacher

Special Thanks Go To...

Mrs. Thomas, TFAA Media Specialist! Mrs. Thomas and I worked together to provide a fun Breakout EDU lesson about the Dewey Decimal system for 5th graders. The students loved this activity and 2 classes cracked the code!

Thanks for taking time to read this newsletter!

Please let me know if you have suggestions or ideas you'd like featured in upcoming newsletters!

Are you doing amazing techy things in your classroom? I'd love to feature you!

~ Stephanie

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