Pregnancy Hazard

Painting / Cleaning

Cleaners at Home

  • There are some house cleaners that you should not use if you are expecting. Check the labels and DO NOT use if they say toxic.
  • Why? Because it increases your chance of a miscarriage.
  • Some examples of things to NOT use:
- oven cleaners and window cleaners....becuase they might contain glycol ethers.

- mildew removers becuase they moslty contain phenols. (these might cause birth defects or fetal death.)

- strong-smelling chemicals like alcohol won't hurt your baby but might make you queasy.

  • Tips for Cleaning:

- open windows to air out the air that is thick with cleaning supplies.

-wear gloves to protects your skin.

- Baking soda works just as good as anything else when you use it on bathrooms and ovens.

Painting at Home

  • Only a few of chemicals in paint have been studied for their effects on the fetus and mother.
  • All paints contain chemicals that let out strong/powerful fumes.
  • Oil-based paints and paint thinners contain more chemicals than natural paints.
  • Everything I've listed can cause possibly cause a miscarriage or birth defects
-choose a latex paint and ask your painter to keep the area well ventilated.

- choose a more natural based paint