Building Mathematical Thinkers

Support for Problem Solving and Math Talk

The Standards for Mathematical Practice

“Mathematically proficient students blend their knowledge of math content with their ability to apply that knowledge to solve problems, communicate math ideas, justify solutions, model math concepts, and reason to make sense of mathematics”

September & October

Focus on building your environment, your daily routines and teacher modeling to support Math Problem solving and math talk.

Grouping the Standards

Pairing these standards helps us see how to consider implementing these ideas with our students.
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"I can" statements for Math Practices

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For Principals:

This video is worth the 50 minutes time! Take notes.
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Great Idea to incorporate mathematical thinking into your daily lessons!

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Kindergarten Math Problems:

Great for early teacher modeling!

Open this link to see how it can look in the intermediate and middle grades:

Talking about Math Problem Solving

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Use this video as a model and have your students create a "Math rap"

The math teacher ! So funny, Low low low : Soh Cah Toa !

Don't tell students the answer. Let them think it through by asking some of these questions:

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Do you incorporate a "growth mindset" in your Math planning?