Coco Chanel

Learn about Coco Chanel!

Do you know anything about Coco Chanel?

Well she was a really famous designer. She was born on August 19, 1883. She grew up as an orphan and then became a singer. After her singer life she decided to be a designer. She was looking at old paintings and how women had big puffy dresses and thought "This is not how women should dress. This is how men dress us." She was one of the first women to ever where pants. Her fragrance is the number one in the world. It is the Chanel Number 5.

Chanel's legacy

Chanel once wore "The little black dress" to the red carpet. She changed how everyone thought about women. It was unusual for women to wear short black dresses in the 20s. She was a really big inspiration for women.

Chanel's Later life

Chanel died on January 10, 1971. The owner for Chanel is now Karl Lagerfeld. He lives in Hamburg, Germany. Coco was know for inventing the simple but elegant outfits. She was the one who brought the women suit and the women tie. So, overall Coco Chanel changed everyone's perspective about women and how we SHOULD dress.