poaching is not cool

stop poaching, it ruins the ecosystem

This is a glimpse of what poaching looks like

What was happening in this picture was a man with an ax chopping off an elephant head to get its tusks.

Innocent animals

When you poach your are illegally killing an innocent animal. 81 innocent elephants were poached by hunters in 2011. The hunters poisoned their waterhole with cyanide. The poachers were seeking for their ivory in their trunks. Situations like this have happened to many other species.

So many animals are being poached every day

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people Poach? They poach animals to get their expensive belongings.

What are the penalty's for poaching? They get charged a major fine and sometimes go to jail.

Interesting facts

In seven African countries lions are extinct. Since 1960 population of Rhinos have decreased by 97.6%. Elephants in 2013 35,000 elephants were poached. The horn on a rhino can sell for $30,000 a pound on the black market. China buys 70% of the illegal ivory. The sell it for thousands of dollars. An illegally poached lion bone can go for $600 per pound.