The Fight Against Mental Illness!

By Samantha Stegemerten and Alyssa Baresich


Women deserve proper diagnosis for their Mental Illness.


  • Girl Scouts Engage in the Fight Against Mental Illness Stigma with Mental Health Awareness Patch: Mental Health Weekly Digest- author is unknown
  • A history of treatment for mental illness:National Institute of Health- by the Washington post
  • Postpartum depression: One Mom's mission becomes a movement: CNN Wire- Kelly Wallace

Identify Articles & Include Your Own Analysis

''Girl Scouts Engage in the Fight Against Mental Illness Stigma with Mental Health Awareness Patch''

Posistion: I feel that the Girl Scouts are doing a great job on raising awarness for people with mental illness. They are helping to reduce the stigma that people associate towards those with mental conditions.


  • Raise awareness
  • People become more sympathetic and caring
  • people are becoming more open about disscussing their illness with others.

''A History of Treatment For Mental Illness''

Posistion: This article is about women gaining strength and standing up and demanding civil rights. I believe that when a woman was diagnosed with mental illness she should'nt have been as gullible to the treatment that they heard they were going to recieve for the next few months or until cured.


  • The former patients started demanding their rights.
  • Decision making is now changed to judges.
  • By 1953, the number of Americans in psychiatric institutions swells to a high of 559,000

''Postpartum Depression: One mom's mission becomes a movement''

Posistion: Stone was highly intelligent with the choices she made. Deciding to get help early on was such a good idea putting herself and her son out of harms way. Once Stone got better she chose to participate in an organization called ''Climb Out of the Darkness'' Personally I feel that this organiztion she has joined has helped regain a lot of mental strength by seeing that there are other women that have sufferred from a dark time like she has.


  • created an organization that has helped hundreds
  • raised awareness for maternal mental illness, according to postpartum progress
  • Became the largest event in the world


Girl Scouts:

The Girl Scouts are helping to educate citizens about Mental Illness. They are doing this to reduce the stigma of Mental Illness.

A History of Treatment:

The patients were subdued to isolation.

Postpartum Depression:

Katherine Stone was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression. She was treated with therapy and medication. After having this treatment a few months later she started to regain her strength and finally feel like herself again.

Acknowledge The Opposition

Disagreement: Someone who doesn't agree with the issue of mental illness would say that it is not a true disease.

Response: Mental illness is most definately a real illness that causes an abundance of harm to a direct person and their actions can even hurt loved ones.

Disagreement: Some people claim that mental illness is not a major conflict in everyday life so why care about it when there are more important issues to deal with.

Response: Mental illness is a major conflict and treatment is greatly needed to those who are suffering from this disease an early diagnosis can save someones life.

Disagreement: Others say that people who state they have a mental condition just to get out of everyday tasks.

Response: Having any type of mental illness can cause depression enabaling people motivate themselves and to get on with everyday life.