The Three Little Turtles

xavier jackson B3


Ones Upon a time there was three little turtles one turtle was small and lived at the beach his name was cupcake,and his middle brother lived on the beach like his little brother.but mike did not live with his little brother he live next to the water and the beach.and the big brother his name was mat and he was the strongest turtle and he all was get the girls,but he lived in the ocean so he does not see his brothers so much.

Rising Action

the sun went up and the three turtles went out of there homes and they went to go search for food mat ate seaweed and mike ate bugs,then cupcake ate a ten worms for breast feat.then in the middle of the day the two turtles herd that there brother got bitten by a shark,so the two little brothers went to the ocean to see there big brother.


the two brothers was swimming to his brother house to cheer hem up, but suddenly the shark attack the two brothers and the middle brother went protect his little brother .then the middle brother and the shark was fighting and the little brother swam fast to get his big brother to help his middle brother.then the small brother and open the and the small turtle yelled at the brother''THERE A SHARK FIGHTING ARE BROTHER. AND YOU NEED TO HELP HE Now!!!


The big brother got up and swam out the door and the turtle swam very fast the small open the door and waited for the middle and the big brother to come back. The big brother hit the shark with his fin then they swam away to the house and the shark was follow the two brothers the two big brother swam inside the house.Then the shark was bashing on the house and the big brother run at the shark belly and the shark hit a rock and swam away.And the shark never came back and mat was named the the man and they lived happily ever after THE END.