Origami Owl Business Support

Mentor & Designer Expectations

Expectations As You Get Started

There are times in our busy lives that we forget about the network of help available to us in this business. As a Designer with Origami Owl, you are in business for yourself, but not BY yourself. You are your own boss, set your own work schedule, and determine your own income. The potential is unlimited – YOU add the planning and effort. As your Mentor, I am here to help and guide you in any way I can.

What you can expect from me, your mentor: Jill McCarthy

Honesty – I will always do my best to give you honest and straightforward answers. I will not beat around the bush and I hope that you do not do so either.

Communication – Each month you will receive a monthly newsletter from me. This is a source of new ideas, sharing information, and calendar of events. I also send out a weekly Monday shout outs just to keep communication open.

Weekly Team Webinars – Each week we will have a Team Meeting. These meetings offer a forum for training, networking, leadership, recognition, development, and most important, motivation! These meetings are for your benefit and only you can make them work for your business by attending. Right now, they are in webinar format, but as our team grows, we will also be having local meetings.

Support – I believe in you and will support you and your business 100%. I will never give up on you unless you give up on yourself and don’t try. I will match the time you spend on your business with my efforts. I believe in the individual abilities and needs that this business can meet for you. I will support you in every way I can as long as I see you making an equal effort

Diplomacy – I will always be diplomatic in all our dealings. People can easily hurt each other’s feelings, mine included especially online. We have to be careful how we communicate and try to not hurt anyone. I will never intentionally hurt your feelings. Please remember, though, that there is a difference between beingdestructive and constructive in your criticism.

Enthusiasm – It sparks excitement, new ideas, self-improvement, positive attitude and an open mind.

Growth – I will make every effort to grow and learn by attending seminars, meetings, and conferences so that we will have more to pass on to you. But please remember, I am not the ONLY source of information for you. There are courses for you to utilize as well. I will attempt to be a source of enthusiasm, sparks, excitement, new ideas, self-improvement tips, positive attitude, an open mind, and a willingness to learn.

Help – I will always be there to help you. Just give me a call- but remember – you don’t call the doctors every day to tell them that you’re feeling well. You only call them when you’re sick. So, I can only help you fix something if I know that it’s broken. I have one on one coaching calls and we can definitely plan a time on our own to go over things.

Training – I am here to train you and answer your questions. We all have different methods of learning, and while I will do my best to anticipate areas where you may have questions, I need you to let me know if your needs are not being met. I will be happy to shift gears to better match your style of learning if it is at all possible. I will train you and help to train your new recruits. I can also provide feedback for you on your sales techniques, booking presentation, and recruiting efforts – at your request. I will help you problem solve and improve various areas of your business. If I am unable to answer your question, I will direct you to the proper resource person. I will make available upon request the audio and video library I have in my possession.

Recognition – I will recognize you for your achievements through pre-determined recognition programs.

What I Expect From You

Honesty - Be honest in all your dealings with customers, home office, and your communications with me. I will always be honest with you.

Attitude – Be positive. Things don’t always go right but remain positive…it’s the first step toward correcting the problem.

Call Me, Communicate with me – I am NOT a mind reader. If you are experiencing difficulty, regardless of how minor, please call, text, Facebook, etc. I am dedicated to supporting you and your success, but I need you to let me know when you need help. If something didn’t go quite right, don’t let it get you down…call! And…when things went fantastic…share that, too. I love to hear about your successes!!

Professionalism – Conduct yourself in a courteous and professional manner in all aspects of your life. Strive for harmony with all those around you and find good in all people. Do nothing to discourage, put down, or embarrass another person. Always show respect to all those you come in contact with. You never know who will be your next guest at a show, a potential hostess, or your next recruit.

Priority – Make monthly Team Meetings a priority. They are scheduled in advance for you to attend without conflict. I believe we owe much of our success to what we have learned from others. You deserve every opportunity for success. Make sure to RSVP to meetings!! Most of what has made me successful, I have learned at Sales Meetings. While these meetings are not mandatory, they are beneficial. You are sure to benefit from each and every one in some way.

Read – read, read, read ALL communications from home office and me. Information they send out is important and you will only benefit from them if you take the time to read them. Read your business guide when it arrives and again in a few weeks. If you are a veteran, I suggest re-reading it once a year. Do it in the downtime of December.

Do Your Best – Plan to win, prepare to win, expect to win and YOU will. You have so much to offer!! FIND the best in each situation and each person you come in contact with. There is always a silver lining in each cloud, even if it comes with a storm. Treat others with respect. Please don’t ridicule or berate another person for their views and opinions – we are ALL entitled to ours.

Growth – We all need to grow – both in our business and personal lives. Things happen that cause us to change. While this may not be fun – or even understandable at the time- there is reason for this change. You just may not find out what it is until much later. Find an area that you feel needs improvement and work on it a little at a time. There are MANY ways you can do this. This business is about self improvement and growth. Baby steps, moving forward is all it takes each day.