Myths of a Gifted Individual

Myth: Gifted Youngsters Are Enthusiastic About School

A lot of people think that if something comes easily to someone, they are more inclined to want to do that activity. This is not always the case, and for children who are gifted, it can make a huge difference in their education. Some student may be motivated by what they are able to achieve and use this driving motivation to work outside the box and really enjoy school. Other students who are still gifted may not have this motivation to seek out extra work or to apply their knowledge, and end up dropping out of school because it is too easy and they are bored.

Regardless of who the student is and the "identity" they have been given, adult figures in their lives need to be around to encourage students and foster the growth of motivation from within: intrinsic motivation. Helping students figure out what interests them, and providing them with lots of activities to help them learn, grow, and develop, can be incredibly beneficial for them being able to reach their potential.

Don't overestimate or underestimate children who are gifted. They are learning in their own way like every other student.