Italian Cuisine & Typical Meals

by Aislinn Smith

Italian Cuisine

Italian cuisine varies a lot in staples from all the different parts of the country. Some places focus on salted and cured meats, wile others focus on local seafood as part of their daily meal. Whilst pizza and pasta are common foods, their general cuisine involves a lot more than just those meals.

Tomatoes, bell peppers, maize and potatoes are some recently (18th century) introduced ingredients that now have a strong base in Italian cooking.
Contrary to the popular belief, all the areas of Italy have evolved their own cuisines- some using chocolate, some others wine or olive oils. This is in contrast to Australia, where we don't really have our own cuisine beyond Lamingtons and Anzac Biscuits, they have such a unique and interesting cuisine that can't be replicated.

Some Basic Italian Foods: Pizza, Pasta, Foccacia, Nutella, Olive Oil.

Italian Menu

A cappuccino or hot chocolate with bread rolls and jam, or hot milk and biscotti.

Traditional Lunch:
A meal with several courses.
An antipasto platter is served first, along with wine or champagne, then there are several other courses of meats, salad, fruit and cheeses, vegetables and espresso to conclude.

Afternoon Tea:

A small snack consumed in the mid afternoon.
A similar structure to breakfast, however other things (cakes, yoghurt, nuts) may be eaten.

A light meal.
A small meal involving soups, salads or pasta.

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Insalata Caprese

A simple antipasto consisting of olive oil, tomato, mozzarella and basil.