Famous People With Mentil illness


People at the time called the illness that he suffered from "melancholy" or what we call now clinical depression

What He Did Do to Deal With His Depression

Lincoln read humor when he was depressed. Today we use anti-depressant's.
The public perception was not bad because of his depression, however he was a trusting man and was hurt when someone went be hide his back or lied to him.

Winstion Churchhill

During the time psychoanalytic treatment was common but Churchill did not receive any treatment for his disorders. He was not diagnosed with bipolar disorder but it is widely believed, according to his behavior and how it occurred over the years. Churchill was aware he had a medical condition.

What He Did to Deal With Depression

Churchill was a drunk according to many people around him and he did not hid it. His favorite drink was liquor and soda. He even got a medical perception in the US for his need for the drug.

James Taylor

Diagnosed with depression in 1965. Taylor committed himself for severe depression to the McLean Mental institution at 17, he stayed for 9 months. He has had mental breakdowns and has received treatment and is a successes because of it.

How He Deals With Depression

Many songs from "Sweet Baby James" were written in a institution. He did do heroin to cope but it was a problem. He received treatment and is sober over 20 years now. Music apparently helps him and enjoys life.

Kurt Cobain

From a young age Kurt showed signs of depression and ADD. Mood swings and erratic behavor happened throughout his life and examles are he abused drugs and alcohol in high school .